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Every parent needs to be and feel SAFE. Raising a child in danger, poverty, and transiency is nearly impossible and definitely not a productive environment for a young mother or her child(ren). For these reasons, SAFE was established.


Shelter Assistance Foundation Encouragement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for young families who need help getting on their feet and staying there. As a member of SAFE, young families will be provided with security in the form mentoring, connecting families with community resources, financial assistance and hope towards independence. One of SAFE’s many goals is to help families identify the obstacles preventing them from being independent. These obstacles are different for everyone; no two people are the same. 


SAFE defines independence as a one’s ability to provide shelter and food for themselves and child(ren) while maintaining a safe living environment. The program is designed to help individuals in crisis whose story would have a different outcome if they had a little help along the journey of life. 



SAFE provides its participants with Mentor who works closely with them throughout the program. Participants are expected to graduate the program in two years.  The Mentor helps each member identify the issues surrounding their instabilities while identifying short and long term goals to address them. The Mentor will also identify services needed by the family to help reach independency. SAFE will assist in providing services and connect families to existing services in the community. Graduates from the program may continue to receive graduate services for up to one year after completing the program. Some graduates will be asked to come back as guest speakers and/or mentors.  SAFE works with many other programs, services, businesses and organizations to provide many helpful resources and referrals that will help the mothers progress through the program

Below is a list of services provided by the program:

  • Rent Assistance

  • Mentoring

  • Life Skills Training (time management, budgeting, safe dating, personal hygiene, managing conflict, household management and maintenance)

  • Career and Educational Counseling

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