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Case Management

with short and long-term goals including life skills training and/or services, educational needs, job training, and the ultimate goal of permanent housing.  The young Mother will meet with her Coach periodically throughout the month.  Frequency will be determined on a case by case basis and goal attainment will be tracked and reported. The Coach will identify a required number of productivity hours per week the mother must contribute towards meeting these goals (examples; completing job applications, interviewing, GED prep, attending college/university, counseling/training, job searching, etc.).  The plan will also state the requirements for remaining in the program.   

One of the key requirements for remaining in the program is either employment or enrollment in school (includes: GED training, trade school, college, university, etc.). The program will provide services that assist with resume building, job interview preparation, and educational planning.

The Coach will also assist the young Mom with budget management skills. The Mom will work with her Coach to create a monthly budget, track that budget and review results.

Each family will be assigned a Family Coach.  The Coach provides one of the most important services in the program.  The Coach helps the SAFE participant identify the root causes of her situation.  Identifying the root causes is the first step towards resolving the issues preventing independency. Once the root causes are identified, a “My Own Plan” is created  


SAFE provides secure housing for young mother’s in the program.  Housing has two classifications: Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Phase 1 housing is provided to families initially entering the program. The young mom and her children are placed in a home with a Family Mentor for up to 2 years. The Family Mentor is experienced and 

 trained to help support the mother and child(ren) during the program period.  The mother is expected to provide food, clothing and basic necessities for herself and her family. The mother is expected to contribute a security deposit as well as a monthly rent, which will be determined by her income level. The mom must be willing to sign a rental agreement. This is part of budget management training, which prepares the Mother to pay rent for permanent housing.  Rental payment history can be used to assist with obtaining permanent housing upon program graduation.  


The Second Phase of housing assistance is achieved upon program graduation. Phase 2 Housing consists of the Mother securing her own apartment. SAFE will assist the mother with locating her own apartment, completing the application(s) and references. SAFE may continue to provide financial assistance toward the family’s permanent housing on a case by case basis for up to one year.


**Now accepting applications for 2016**

Driver's Education

SAFE will assist mothers with Driver's Education Services. These services will be provided to mothers located in areas where public transportation does not provide adequate means of getting to work, school, daycare, grocery store, medical facilities, etc.  SAFE will partner with local driving schools to provide driver's education and exam preparation. 


**Coming Soon**


SAFE works with many other programs, services, businesses and organizations to provide professional individual and group counseling to the young Mothers. Regular counseling is a program requirement for the families. 

Program Services

For a more detailed outline of the program and services, please fill out the Contact Form, and a SAFE representative will gladly assist you.

Food and Nutrition

SAFE provides nutrition and cooking education to the families. Nutrition Education provides mothers with high quality, easy-to-follow tips in a convenient and printable format. In addition, cooking classes will be provided. The classes will teach mothers how to cook healthy, affordable 

meals for their family, with a focus on children’s dietary needs.  The moms will receive tips on packing healthy lunches and snacks. 

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